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Applied on Jeeps!

Not only can you apply Grizzly Grip on Truck Bed Liners, you can also apply it to the exterior.

Fiberglass Body Modifications

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Camper Top Repair

Camper Top Repair &Truck Bed Liner Caps

Camper tops are actually the second biggest industry that we sell grizzly grip to behind the Marine industry. We get 90% of our camper top customers from camper top forums. Grizzly grip will protect and rejuvenate your existing fiberglass top to protect it for years from the sun damaging the surface. You can even apply grizzly grip directly over the foam under the fiberglass shell if your fiberglass surface is damaged beyond repair.

  1. Lightly scuff up the fiberglass shell with a scotch pad or 220 grit sandpaper.

  2. Wipe down fiberglass with MEK or Acetone.

  3. Apply two good coats of grizzly grip directly over the fiberglass, if you are going directly over the foam, just apply two coats of grizzly grip directly over it, no need to scuff it or wipe it down with a solvent.
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