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Applied on Jeeps!

Not only can you apply Grizzly Grip on Truck Bed Liners, you can also apply it to the exterior.

Fiberglass Body Modifications

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Truck Bed Liner Jeeps Camper Top

Fiberglass Body Modifications On Jeeps Camper Top Repairs.


Dear Grizzly Grip (Midwest Chemicals),

"I have a 1948 CJ2a Willy's Jeep with a fiberglass body and more modifications than I wish to list. With all of the models, one thing that was never touched was the fiberglass body. All that was on it was the white gel coat back in 1978; to put it simple the jeep just looked tired.

One day in March, my friend put a bug in my ear informing me about your products. He told me that he had just purchased some of your Safari brown Grizzly Grip and was applying it to the outside of his 1983 CJ7. After my wife and I went and checked out his jeep, we were sold!

I applied the Canary Yellow Grizzly Grip one week before the annual Moab Jeep Safari. I received more looks and compliments on my jeep than I ever had before. The Grizzly Grip is more durable (scraping the entire right side or my jeep along a raggedly Cedar tree to tow my friend) and better looking than I could ever imagine.

In closing, I just wanted to give you guys a sincere thank you! Your customer service was second to none, and your product is amazing. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in the future.

Thanks Again,
James Ferguson

P.S. I have attached a picture of my jeep with the newly applied Grizzly Grip"

Fiberglass Body Modifications

I just completed coating my 84 CJ7 with your product and would be happy to forward a picture or two as to how well it worked...

It worked out quite well for us. Application was very easy and coverage was great. My son and I simply followed your directions and this was the result. It drew quite a number of looks and inquiries at the NASCAR race this past weekend!

Wayne Cockrell
Lewisville TX.

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