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Boat Marine Paints

Grizzly Grip is a great product for all types of boats, whether you want to protect the hull of the boat, or use it on the floor of your boat for a non-skid decorative coating. Since Grizzly Grip has a formulated rubber blended into this coating, it will protect the outside of your boat from scratching, unlike the standard coatings. Your boat will have years of extended life since Grizzly Grip is not affected by either fresh or salt water, or whether once it's applied.

Grizzly Grip is also used widely on the insides of boats for a non-skid surface. Protect yourself against falls and carpets that have to be replaced yearly, with one of Grizzly Grip's 24 decorative non-slip colors

The boat industry for non-skid protective coatings is a multi-million dollar a year industry, so whether you want to use Grizzly Grip for your own boat, or an addition to expand your business, Grizzly Grip is the choice for you.

Below are pictures showing you step by step how Grizzly Grip was applied to a worn out canoe, and how it transferred into a very attractive boat.


An old worn out canoe to be re-coated using Grizzly Grip.
A view of the inside of the worn out canoe.
A good pre-cleaning is needed, with this canoe we cleaned with water and a scotch pad, then wiped it down with a solvent MEK.
After canoe is properly cleaned we primed the canoe with our XL aerospace primer. The primer is a 2-part primer, one part resin to one part catalyst.
Apply the primer with a mohair roller, you can get the rollers at any local paint store.
Brush on primer where roller cannot get at.
Outside of canoe primed and ready for Grizzly Grip. The primer also has been applied on the inside of canoe.
We are going to coat the outside of the canoe with Grizzly Grip Santa Fe Brown, the inside will be coated in Safari Tan, and the trim will be done on Almond Nut.
Apply Grizzly Grip by dabbing the coating on with a brush, where a roller cannot be applied.
Roll on Grizzly Grip with our special textured rollers.
Outside of canoe has been coated with Grizzly Grip, Santa Fe Brown, we applied two coats for durability.
Applying Grizzly Grip, Safari Tan on the inside of the canoe, we used two coats inside for durability.
The inside of the canoe completed in Safari Tan.
The Trim was coated with Grizzly Grip, Almond Nut.
Another view of the seats and trim coated in Almond Nut.
A completed look at the finished canoe. The canoe looks great; the three colors add a decorative flare to the canoe, now it has great durability and a protective non-skid surface on the inside to protect from falls.

Here are some other pictures showing you the refinishing of the inside of a boat using Grizzly Grip.

The boat before the refinishing.
Another view of the boat before the process.
The bow refinished in Grizzly Grip.
Another view of the bow refinished.
The bow and sides refinished in Grizzly Grip.

Hi, my name is Gary Loucks. Here are a few photos of my 2006 Lowe 18' welded aluminum boat that I applied (Sante Fe Brown) Grizzly Grip to. It is very rugged and slip proof. I have also found it to make the aluminum decking tolerable to walk on (without shoes) in 90 degree weather, and my dog appreciates it too!

The back of the boat.
The bow refinished.
Another view of the bow refinished.
Full view of the boat.