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Truck Guard Block

Grizzly Grip is very beneficial to apply around your vehicle to protect it against scratching, which over time will lead to rust. The bottom panels on vehicles are usually the first areas to rust away. The reason this happens is that the pencil hardness in your vehicle's paint is too hard to protect the surface from rocks. Rocks and debris scratch the paint to the metal, which allows rust to occur. Grizzly Grip is an oil based polyurethane that has rubber blended into the coating, making it as flexible as a piece of rubber. Since the coating has a strong flexibility, it will deflect any rocks or debris from scratching the surface, making the coating and the vehicle durable and long lasting.

You can also use Grizzly Grip as an undercoating to protect your vehicle's under panels, so that rust cannot start from those underlying areas. For a small purchase of Grizzly Grip and some of your weekend time, you can greatly extend the life of your car, truck, or boat.


Trucks and vans have a high ratio of rust by doors and side panels due to rocks scratching the surface of the metal and causing rust to form.

This damage can be prevented by applying Grizzly Grip around the perimeter of your truck or van. The painted surface is too hard, and rocks scratch the surface causing rust to start after moisture is exposed to the bare metal. Grizzly Grip has tremendous flexibility, so rocks bounce off the surface instead of scratching the surface.

Below are pictures illustrating step-by-step applying Grizzly Grip by roller protecting a vehicle that started to have minor rust problems.

Make sure you give your vehicle a good washing before applying Grizzly Grip. Also place a covering on floor, so that Grizzly Grip does not damage the floor. NOTE-Grizzly Grip has VERY strong adhesion properties and would be very difficult to get off surfaces once cured.
Mask off your vehicle with standard masking tape. Go as high as you feel you need to go, with this van there was an indentation to follow on.
We used a plastic garbage bags to cover wheels so that no Grizzly Grip gets on them.
Vehicle is completely masked off. We used brown masking paper that you can get at your local hardware store; newspaper is efficient as well. We went up 12" around this van.
Use a scotch pad to clean off surface. Scotch pads are equivalent to using 320 grit sandpaper.
After dry wiping, wipe down again with scotch pad. This time wiping down the surface with MEK.
With a rag, give a final wipe down MEK.
Pour into a paint pan and apply on surface with your Grizzly Grip roller.
Apply one medium coat on surface with your roller. Use a 1" or 2" brush to dab into area where roller cannot penetrate.
Apply Grizzly Grip around wheel frame; go under as far as you feel fit. On this vehicle we went under only where the paint was. NOTE- you can take tires off and apply on inside wheel walls for added durability.
The first coat has been applied on this vehicle; we went under the van and rolled all painted surfaces for protection. Go over area to make sure you have no runs, if so just use your roller to get them out. The coating is very thick and hard to run. Wait until coating is touch dry before applying second coat. Repeat over first coat with a medium coat. Thickness equals durability.
You can remove masking tape 30 minutes after applying second coat.
Usable after 12 hours, fully cured after 7 days. This will bring years of protection to your vehicle.