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Concrete Surfaces

Grizzly Grip is an excellent choice for refinishing your patio, dog run, garage floor, cement, wood stairs, or wood patios (decks). Grizzly Grip will give you a very decorative look, plus a non-skid surface to areas to prevent slipping and falling. You can use your imagination to coat your project with two or three different colors onto your surface. Besides a decorative look, the coating is very flexible polyurethane with rubber blended into it, you will receive years of durability from it. Below is a step by step on refinishing a dog run in Safari Tan. With the coating being so durable and flexible, dogs’ nails cannot tear into the coating, yet it has softness to it for a gentler surface for your dog rather than rough cement.

Preparation is the key to durability. Power wash cement before applying Grizzly Grip or primer. This is a 200 sq ft dog run that has major lifting by the brick wall.
This area is 3” wide and 2” deep, that broke away from original concrete.
Grizzly Grip can be used as a filter for minor cracks. For larger cracks, you can use latex caulk before applying the Grizzly Grip.
The area that was filled prior to re-coating the dog run was 16’X 3”.
We masked off the perimeter of the dog run, and brushed on the Grizzly Grip where a roller could not reach.
We are applying our first coat of Grizzly Grip with special textured rollers. NOTE- No Primer was used, however we suggest that a primer should be used to fill in the tiny pits within the cement. Also less of the Grizzly Grip will be used with a primer applied on.
Completed first coat of Grizzly Grip. NOTE- The repair that was done by the wall can help prevent minor leaks into the basement.
This is a glimpse of the finished dog run with two medium coats over the cement.
Here is a closer look at the finished result. Grizzly Grip gives the dog run a decorative, non-skid, durable finish that will last for years. NOTE- Two colors can be selected to bring in a more decorative appeal.