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Non Slip Paint For Truck Bed Liners, Boats, Jeeps and more!

Grizzly Grip is an excellent product for floor areas, and stairs where non slip is needed. Such as: Patio, Concrete Walkways, Boat, and other areas. With our formulated polyurethane/rubber blend, this coating will give your surface a decorative, durable and safe coating to protect from injuries due to slippery surfaces. Ceramic tiles, wood (patios/stairs), cement, fiberglass are all concerned areas that can be protected with Grizzly Grip.

Grizzly Grip is an excellent choice for the homeowner because of ease of application. Just prep the surface properly, and roll on Grizzly Grip with our special rollers. For businesses who cater to the non slip industry, Grizzly Grip is also a great choice to add to your businesses profits because of the long lasting durability and 24 decorative colors


Below is a step by step of ceramic tiles refinished in Baby Blue with Grizzly Grip.

Entry hallway of ceramic tile to be refinished in Grizzly Grip for a non slip, decorative reasons.
We sell an Industrial Cleaner that has a mild acid to pre-clean ceramic tile surfaces.
Use a scotch pad and gloves when using our Industrial Cleaner. This will give a mild etch and purify the ceramic tile.
Apply our XL Aerospace Primer on ceramic tile or any glass surface with a mohair roller.
NOTE: our Aerospace Primer also can be applied on with a conventional spray system.
Use a brush to get at areas where the roller will not get at.
Apply Grizzly Grip with our special textured rollers. For ceramic tile, one thick coat will be sufficient, apply a second coat for extra durability, but only suggested in high traffic areas. Use a brush to dab on areas where roller will not get be applied at.
A view of the entry way floor coated in Grizzly Grip baby blue.
A close view of the coated ceramic tile. This is one thick coat. You can walk on the surface in 12 to 24hrs depending on humidity. The higher the humidity, the faster Grizzly Grip will cure. A faster drying time will occur with humidity over 60%.