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Here are some photographs and testimonials from our customers. If you have some photographs you'd like to send us to put on our site, please send them to us at and we'll add them to our site. Thank you!

 I applied the metal flake grizzly grip paint on my Ford F150 and it looks amazing! You can really see the shine of the paint in the sun.


 Grizzly Grip - 10 Years after DIY installation truck bed liner

In September of 2006 I purchased a 2006 F-250 Ford pickup. A couple months later my son and I did a DIY installation of dove grey grizzly grip in the bed. After 10 years it looks good as new. I compared it to a few friends of mine pickups and was I ever pleased. Compared to a rhino liner professional installation grizzly blew them away! Due to the fact of my usage was at least three times what his was. I just purchased an F-150 Lariat and will be purchasing another order soon. Thank you for an outstanding product especially in these times when it is so difficult to find one. Thanks again, "Big G".

Hello my name is Traves Tappan with T&T Refinishing serving Southern Idaho (208)961-0069. I used the Grizzly Grip on a residential front walk. (1) I power washed the surface then dry. (2) then applied the primer then waited about 15-20 minutes till dry. (3) then applied the first coat of Dolphin Gray Gizzly Grip then wait approximatly 2 hours until dry enough to apply the second coat you need to let dry approximatly 24 hours before full use. The results were assounding, it made such a difference in the front visual of the home. The home owners are considering having the garage Grizzly Gripped as well.

Residential Front Walk

Hi, my name is Art Bailey. I am a California state licensed contractor, and my company is: ADX REFINISHING. I had a 14'L x 8'W concrete deck with moderate cracking from shifting and settling. I pressure washed the deck and let dry for one day. I came back the next day to fill and repair all cracks. First, I applied the XL primer, letting it dry 45 minutes, then I applied Safari Tan Grizzly Grip. I think this is a fantastic product and was impressed with the roll out and set up. The property owner was also very impressed, and had questions of "What else can you do with this?". I am looking forward to future work with this product. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to call me at (916) 813-9418.

Thank you, Art Bailey.


Concrete Deck

(1) Garage floor that will be recoated in grizzly grip, note, the rough areas that will be filled in by the thickness of the grizzly grip product. (2) Garge floor refinished in Grizzly Grip (battleship grey) by Arjay Refinishing, (815)483-3790, Lockport, Illinois. (3) Another look at the refinished garage floor in Grizzly Grip Battleship Grey.

Garage Floor

Hi, my name is Beth Newcomb. I just completed using your product to cover some old interior wooden steps (our house is 84 yrs old) that had remnants of old linoleum/tar paper on them. These are high-traffic steps leading to the back door and basement, formerly covered by carpet. I also applied your product over the existing linoleum on one part of the stairs where it was too difficult/toxic to remove. The outcome is great and I'm quite pleased. Your product works great to disguise uneven floor boards and other defects. I would send a picture if I could copy it on to this email. I would only emphasize not to spread it on too thick (I did a bit) and to use the curing accelerant (I forgot about the little bottle), particularly out here in Colorado. -Beth

Here are some before and after pictures of a Chevron airplane hanger refinished in grizzly grip (aliphetic) white, by Techni Finish (Leo), Lafayette, LA. 337 232-0465.


Airplane Hanger

Phoenix Refinishing & Coating, LLC. (1) Fire house to have their cement refinished in Grizzly Grip. (2) Repair working being patched before refinishing. (3) Half-way coating in Grizzly Grip. (4) Floor completely coated in Grizzly Grip Battleship Grey. (5) Tape applied for Safety Yellow Grizzly Grip. (6) Half the floor in Safety Yellow. (7-9) Finished floor refinished in Battleship Grey with a Safety Yellow border. Note the finished product with heavy fire trucks on the surface. (10) Holding area for the fire department equipment.


Fire House

I loved using the Grizzly Grip "Sealer" on the Bed Liner. It went from a dull tired looking cab to a new shiny Truck Bed and Rails.

Here are some pictures of an old green John boat. I sprayed it using Grizzley Grip "Dolphin Gray". Thank you for your time and effort along with all the questions that you answered.

Thanks, Leon


John Boat

Dear Grizzly Grip (Midwest Chemicals),

"I have a 1948 CJ2a Willys Jeep with a fiberglass body and more modifications than I wish to list. With all of the models, one thing that was never touched was the fiberglass body. All that was on it was the white gel coat back in 1978; to put it simple the jeep just looked tired.

One day in March, my friend put a bug in my ear informing me about your products. He told me that he had just purchased some of your Safari brown Grizzly Grip and was applying it to the outside of his 1983 CJ7. After my wife and I went and checked out his jeep, we were sold!

I applied the Canary Yellow Grizzly Grip one week before the annual Moab Jeep Safari. I received more looks and compliments on my jeep than I ever had before. The Grizzly Grip is more durable (scraping the entire right side or my jeep along a raggedly Cedar tree to tow my friend) and better looking than I could ever imagine.

In closing, I just wanted to give you guys a sincere thank you! Your customer service was second to none, and your product is amazing. I will definitely recommend you to anyone in the future.

Thanks Again,
James Ferguson

P.S. I have attached a picture of my jeep with the newly applied Grizzly Grip"


Willys Jeep

I just completed coating my 84 CJ7 with your product and would be happy to forward a picture or two as to how well it worked... It worked out quite well for us. Application was very easy and coverage was great. My son and I simply followed your directions and this was the result. It drew quite a number of looks and inquiries at the NASCAR race this past weekend!

Wayne Cockrell
Lewisville TX.

84 CJ7 Jeep

The bike turned out great after all. The green went on great, but the 1st coat of the black looked terrible, so I put the 2cd coat on heavy as suggested and as you can see matched quite nicely. Even the guys at the BMW dealership liked it. -Paul


Attached are a few pics to see what I have done with GG. It was a pleasure speaking with you the other day about the different coating options.

Andy LeJeune CGG
Chief Garage Guy

I have to tell you I absolutely love your products. The Grizzly Grip, both sealers are awesome. I even found other uses for the liner and sealers - its all perfect. You guys rock!!! Thank you also for all the advice, technical assistance, and hand holding, it made it very easy for success.

From Crystal Connection (252)355.8250

Green Van

We used the charcoal gray aliphatic over pressure treated plywood. Attached are some photos of our trailer.

Ron & Renee Rippel


Hello, I went on to heavy on the first coat and it took 24 hrs to dry before I could put the second coat on. What a difference and the second coat really make it all come together.
-Richard Scogin


Hey this is my 2012 xpress bay boat--when we get fish slime/rain in it--it gets slippery, dangerously used grizzly grip and were satisfied--i messed up the tape job in a couple of places but that was MY FAULT-- good product, great customer service and price!"
-Tim Maanley, GA

Xpress Bay Boat

Hey Ed, Just want to say thank you to Grizzly Grip. I used your product to restore my tent trailer and turn it into a Charger Tent Trailer. I just put the bolts on top of it today.
Thank you again,
David Carrillo
Murrieta, California


Tent Trailer

5 year old grizzly grip coating- Chip Caillouet


Thank you for everything. I wanted to send you guys pictures of how beautiful our camper turned out. The paint is amazing and it did exactly what I wanted it to do. The finish is perfect. Thanks again for helping with all my questions beforehand. You guys and your product is amazing.

Shawna Cole
Corinth, Ms.


Hey guys, my wife and I purchased your product a few months ago for our camper restoration. Though yall might want to see the final product.

I had you guys send me 2 samples, safety blue and wine red. The blue is a little light, and the red a little dark. If I also ordered a pint of black and a pint of white and mixed with the other colors would they mix well to lighten and darken the colors as needed?

Hi, I thought I would share my project using Grizzly Grip Bed Liner. I have a 1962 F100 Unibody I decided to do a roll on bed liner paint job because I didn’t want the time and cost to fix the body for a regular paint job. I am very happy with the final job! I did a very lots of prep to ensure the best finish I could get. I have more pics if you are interested.

David Cockrum

1962 F100 Bed Liner